Power House Electrical

From Bright to Light

“A transition to clean energy is about investing in our future.”

— Gloria Reuben

Providing power solutions that are reliable, efficient, and economical. 

Deciding to go solar is easier said than done. On the other hand, getting past the few stumbling blocks along the way isn’t. Is it going to fit within your budget? Is it possible for solar panels to be installed on your roof? Is it necessary to purchase a battery? Keeping all of these factors in mind, selecting an installation specialist is essential.

Power House Electrical gives you the full benefit of solar-powered roofing installation and designing. We are Australia’s growing commercial and residential solar energy installers, specializing in high-quality solar installations that provide the maximum output for your property and that save Australian households and businesses thousands of dollars annually. 

We are an accredited clean energy council installer and standard Australia-certified products. We have firmly developed and emphasized the safety, care, and quality details that go into every solar installation, built on our 13 years of professional experience.

Why Us?

  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Trusted and Reliable
  • Installation warranty
  • Built to Last

We prioritize people and delight in the job we perform, going beyond that to match or exceed our clients’ standards, bringing together specialized teams to facilitate a smooth and successful installation.